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Nowadays, digital imaging is used for practically everything, even plumbing! Drain cleaning companies like Drain Cleaning Expert Staten Island use drain inspection cameras to examine your home or your business’ drain lines. While some argue that such a camera is unnecessary, nobody can show how this incredible diagnostic tool has helped plumbers do their jobs, especially regarding drain cleaning.

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What Are Drain Inspection Cameras?

A drain inspection camera is a compact and waterproof camera that can travel around the bends and curves of any drain. It’s connected to a flexible rod and can capture whatever’s inside your drain pipes on a screen. It’s a pretty flexible tool that has been helping countless drain cleaners inspect drain pipes a lot better since they can see everything inside the drain pipe through a screen or a mobile device.

Why Are Drain Inspection Cameras in Staten Island, NY Important?

It Can Help Pinpoint the Exact Location of the Obstruction

It can be pretty tricky to know how deep a clog can go. You won’t typically see when a debris build-up will soon turn into a clog, but you can with a drain inspection camera. This tool can provide valuable information your plumber can use to deal with the clogged drain more effectively.

It Can Spot Small Problems That Can Potentially Worsen

How old do you think your drain pipes are? Here’s the thing: your drain pipe’s age can be pretty challenging, and it’s difficult to diagnose if these pipes start to corrode and cause leaks. But with a drain inspection camera, you can quickly know whether or not the drain pipes are beginning to deteriorate or if it has other minor problems that may worsen over time.

It Can Reveal Awesome Surprises

What if the ring you lost ages ago is part of the culprit behind your clogged drain? You’ll never know, but you can with a drain inspection camera. You would be surprised by how many random objects are swept down the drains every time. Without a camera, you wouldn’t be able to see the coins, jewelry, and other knick-knacks that have been flushed down the drain.

The Drain Cleaning Experts of Staten Island always use a drain inspection camera in all their drain cleaning activities. Using these fantastic tools saves both our team and our clients more time. Contact us today to check your drain pipes with one of our drain inspection cameras in Staten Island, NY.

Drain Jetter in Staten Island, NY

Also referred to as hydro jetting, drain jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses a strong jet of water to remove obstructions and debris in the drain line forcefully. Drain jetting is an effective way of cleaning drain lines, and it’s also one of the services the Drain Cleaning Expert Staten Island offers.

How Does Drain Jetting Work?

Drain jetting in Staten Island, NY, works by inserting a hose down the drain line. This hose will release a high-pressure water jet powerful enough to break up clogs and debris. It’s an ideal method for dealing with stubborn clogs and build-up that some other drain cleaning alternative methods can’t.

Since the water jet is not pointed directly towards the pipes, it’s ideal for drain lines made from PVC, steel, and copper. This process may be gentle for the pipes, but it doesn’t mean anybody can just use it. Let a professional plumber handle the drain jetting to ensure minimal to no damage within the drain lines.

What Can Drain Jetting Remove?

Drain cleaning specialists typically use drain jetting or hydro jetting to remove various kinds of clogs and build-ups, including:

  1. Grease, fat, and oil build-up
  2. Pipe scale
  3. Tree roots
  4. Non “flushable” items
  5. Food deposits
  6. Sludge
  7. Soap scum
  8. Hair

This method may be effective, but you’ll need the help of a professional drain cleaner to do it for you. Doing it yourself will bring more harm than good to your drain line. Contact us today so we can help you clean the stubborn build-ups in your drain lines using drain jetting.

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