Snaking a Drain Staten Island

Unclogging a drain can be a time-consuming process. The last thing you’d want to do with your busy schedule is to spend hours and hours on end just to get your plumbing back to its working condition. This process can be tedious, especially if you don’t have the proper tools to finish the task. Professional plumbers who have spent years unclogging drains have a tool in their arsenal that makes their job easier – a drain snake.

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How Does Snaking a Drain Work?

A drain snake is a tool used by plumbers when a drain blockage is too difficult for a plunger to handle. It is a long metal cable that can span up to 25 feet long and is coiled into a protective drum. It works by coiling down your drain until it reaches the object that causes clogging in the drain pipes. The wire cable often has a claw or hook at the end to help grab the obstruction that causes the clog.

Plumbers use it for smaller drains, such as kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, tubs, and shower drains. Unclogging the toilet requires another drain snake since it can be unsafe to use the typical kind of snake for this kind of clogging.

When Should You Use a Drain Snake?

You need to know in what situation you should use a drain snake. Remember that it won’t apply to larger pipes like your toilet – you’d need a toilet auger. Minor debris, such as food scraps, soap scum, and hair, can quickly accumulate in smaller drains, either in the drain pipe or the sink’s trap. Using a drain snake during this scenario would be optimal since it can easily drag away whatever’s blocking the pathway using its hooked end. 

If you notice that your drain snake isn’t working, you’re either misusing it, or the tool is not up for the task. You should call upon a local plumbing company whose expertise involves snaking a drain in Staten Island, NY.

Benefits of Snaking a Drain in Staten Island, NY

A drain snake is no doubt a powerful tool if used correctly. This tool can solve plumbing issues that a simple plunger couldn’t. But what other benefits can you gain from snaking a drain in Staten Island, NY?

Better Than Other Alternatives

One of the biggest mistakes people make in unclogging a drain is using strong chemicals. However, they don’t realize that the substances won’t move unless the water stops flowing. The dangerous chemicals will only stay settled until the water starts to move. 

You can quickly plow through small debris with a drain snake until you grab hold of the obstruction. It doesn’t matter if the water is not flowing; the drain snake is strong enough to remove the blockage.

Can Deal With Tough Obstructions

Does your drain have a stubborn blockage that doesn’t seem to budge, no matter how hard you remove it? Is your plunger not enough to get your kitchen sink flowing again?

You can avoid these stressful situations by using a drain snake. 

Drain snakes are powerful enough to deal with tough blockages that chemicals and other tools can’t. Since the wire is made from metal, you won’t have to worry about the cable springing around like a rope. If you’re correctly using it, it will continue to coil down the drain until it reaches the obstruction – even if it’s tough enough for other tools.

Lets You Steer Clear From Chemical Cleaners

Most drain pipes these days are made from PVC. The chemical drain cleaners today produce heat that may soften the PVC pipes and cause significant damage. The situation can worsen if the water isn’t flowing any longer. 

Chemical cleaners are far too strong for human use, and they’re known for their effects on human skin and clothing. They’re also toxic when swallowed and may even kill the beneficial bacteria within your septic system. So at the end of the day, the disadvantages of chemical drain cleaners far outweigh their benefits.

Let the professionals do the unclogging for you. Get in touch with us and get your drains flowing once again!