7 Easy Ways to Clear Hair From Your Shower Drain

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Nothing beats standing under a warm shower to wash away the nasty gunk from our bodies and our troubles for the day. But if your shower drains malfunction and starts to slow down, you might have a hair clog or two down the line. And this can be an added issue no one wants to face!

But before searching for “roto services near me,” there are some steps you can do on your own to remove the hair and other gunk from your shower drain.


Before Unclogging the Drain

Before proceeding, you’d want to remove the shower drain cover and thoroughly clean it. You can do this by clearing away the trapped hair and other debris with your gloved hands. And while you’re at it, scrub off the stuck particles with a scrubbing pad or toothbrush.

If you’re having difficulty removing the debris on your shower drain cover, make a baking soda and vinegar solution to give it a nice sheen.


How to Get Hair Out of Drain

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Dislodge the Clog with a Wire Hanger

Cleaning your drain covers won’t be enough to remove the clogs. So, you’ll need to clear the first couple of inches of your drain, eliminating the build-ups. And the best tool for this is a wire hanger as it’s flexible and can reach a decent length.

It’s best to clog a little at a time for the best results, and with each pull you make, be sure to discard the hair bundles in the trash. Remember to be patient and careful to avoid damaging your pipes and plumbing system.

Use a Drain Snake

If the wire hanger method didn’t cut it for your drain, the clog might be further down your pipes, so you’ll need something longer. And this is where the drain snakes come in. They’re hand-held devices consisting of a flexible tube that can slither into the narrowest pipes, dislodging clogs and breaking them up to let them flow onto the plumbing system.

Advantage of Hot Water in Cleaning Clogs

Take Advantage of Hot Water

An excellent way to clear hair clogs from your drains is by flushing your system. Generally, pouring a couple of gallons of scorching water is enough to remove the obstructions and other debris build-ups from your pipes. But remember to be safe and pour the hot water slowly!

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Develop a Drain-Cleaning Solution

Opt for drain cleaners if the hot water doesn’t work for your shower drains. They help unclog even the toughest blockages, keeping your drains functional and flowing. But as convenient as reaching for commercial drain cleaners, most contain potent chemicals that can do more harm than good. 

So, avoid corroding your pipes and make a homemade drain cleaner yourself. It takes equal parts of baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice. These simple combinations help dissolve and dislodge even the most complex hair clogs without risking damaging your drains.


Hire a Professional 

Sometimes, clearing hair out of your shower drain might not be enough, even after your most arduous DIY efforts. And if all hope is lost, it’s time to get the pros involved. Finding a reliable plumber shouldn’t be difficult. So, don’t hesitate and call a pro to clear out your shower drains and guarantee the clog isn’t from something more severe.


Embrace Preventive Measures

Among the best ways to resolve an issue is by preventing it from occurring in the first place. It’s best to use a drain cover designed to trap excess hair. But remember to flush the drains with hot water or your preferred drain cleaner weekly for the best results. Doing this stops the blockage from forming and building up.

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